About Me

Hello, my name is Federico Milella and I'm born in Luxembourg in 1977.

As a kid I've read TONS of comic books, watched HOURS of cartoons and played a LOT.
And I always knew I wanted to be an artist!
Growing up, I learnt some of the secrets of storytelling and improved visual skills attending art schools in Belgium, England and Spain. I then worked (and had lots of fun) as an illustrator, animator, camera operator, art director, comic book artist and as a storyboarder. Both as a freelancer or an employee.
Good fortune lead me to work with ad agencies, filmmakers, animation studios and other artists from all over Europe.

Since 2009 I work at La Fabrique d'Images as a film director and took part on several animated TV series that have been broadcasted worldwide.
If you want to know a little bit more about me please feel free to check my resume.

Latest Works

Ziggy and the Zoo Tram (in production)
TV Series, Animation, 26 episodes x 11', CGI, HD.
TV Series, Animation, 52 episodes x 11', CGI, HD.
TV Series, Animation, 26 episodes x 13', 2D, HD.



What I Do

01 Movies

02 Comic books

03 Design & Art direction

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